Does Memeinator warrant investment after Binance CEO’s bullish remarks on BTC?

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Bitcoin will resume its rally in coming months after what have been a few challenging weeks for the world’s largest cryptocurrency, says Richard Teng. 

He’s the current chief executive of Binance. 

Teng’s bullish view on Bitcoin

Richard Teng is confident that BTC will easily surpass the $80,000 level before the start of 2025. 

Next year, he added in a recent interview Bankless YouTube channel, will be even better for the crypto market on the back of improving macroeconomic environment. 

If there’s a squeeze, it should reach $250,000. So, I think there’s still some room to grow, both for Bitcoin as well as tokens such as Ether.

Unfortunately, though, BTC at $60,000 is not really accessible for an average investor. But Memeinator, which will likely benefit from a continued rally in Bitcoin, may just be. 

Let’s learn more about Memeinator. 

How does BTC price affect MMTR?

MMTR – the native coin of Memeinator offers a more affordable means of playing the expected strength in Bitcoin. That’s because BTC, as the crypto market leader, tends to help other cryptocurrencies (including MMTR) rally as well. 

Memeinator has recently ended the presale of its crypto token, raising a total of a bit under $7.0 million. So, rest assured, the demand side of the MMTR equation looks quite favourable for an investment in 2024. 

In fact, MMTR has already listed on MEXC and Uniswap. The price of that meme coin will likely benefit moving forward as easier access continues to attract investors to build a position in Memeinator. 

You can find a lot more about Memeinator and its native token on the website on this link. 

What makes Memeinator a good investment?

Memeinator may be exciting as an investment this year even though it’s a meme coin because it distinguishes itself from its peers based on utility. 

Plus, there are other ways to make money, even passively if you choose to engage with Memeinator as well. This includes gaining exposure to its staking pool 2 that offers an annual yield of a whopping 60% at writing. 

Memeinator has plans of dipping its toes in the NFT market as well – although the timeline for it is not exactly known at the moment. But Meme Warfare – a game on the platform is now slated to launch very soon. 

If you want to explore ways to invest in the Memeinator token, you should visit its website now. 

MMTR – a crypto coin with AI tailwinds

Note that Memeinator is different, more thrilling as an investment versus its meme coins peers also because it positions you – the investor to capitalise on continued growth in artificial intelligence as well. 

The crypto project uses AI to find and destroy weaker rivals in pursuit of total dominance in the meme coins space. Considering that artificial intelligence is expected to hit up to $1.0 trillion within the next seven to eight years, an investment in MMTR may be a smart decision in 2024. 

Plus, the meme coins market growth is a positive for Memeinator as well. It’s a space that grew more than $20 billion in valuation within the couple years of the COVID pandemic. 

If you have decided to invest in MMTR, click here and build a position now. 

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