Solana (SOL) introduces ‘Blinks’ & ‘Actions’ to streamline trading on social platforms

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The Solana Foundation launched the Blinks and Actions feature on the blockchain on Tuesday, connecting “Solana to the entire internet.”

Today, we connect Solana to the entire internet.

Vote, Donate, Mint, Swap, Pay — use Solana, everywhere.

— Solana (@solana) June 25, 2024

The new functionalities, designed to put cryptocurrency back into social media, will enable players to transact crypto on any website.

That comes as the network looks to make digital asset transactions intuitive and more seamless.

The move aims to democratize cryptocurrency trading through day-to-day internet usage.

Any website with a URL can support this feature, making crypto accessible to any internet user.

According to Solana’s head of engineering Jon Wong,

“Solana blinks turn any Action into a shareable link, allowing any website that can display a URL to be the start of a Solana transaction. As a result, blinks transform websites or social media platforms into a surface for on-chain transactions, without taking users elsewhere – making decentralized applications more accessible and user-friendly.”

Blinks are like magic buttons built within social applications. Users can click the function whenever they encounter news about a new coin while browsing online.

A single click will initiate a transaction on the Solana blockchain, adding the new asset to the user’s wallet.

That connects crypto trading to social media engagements, welcoming every internet user to the digital assets space.

Further, decentralized applications (dApp) creators can integrate Actions to capitalize on Solana blockchain proficiencies without a hassle.

Besides transactions on social media and websites, developers can create and share physical QR codes.

Actions simplify every undertaking, from executing transactions on-chain and sharing crypto content to interacting with dApps.

While more developments await, SOL wallets such as Backpack and Phantom will support Blinks and Actions from the start.

Solana fuels crypto adoption

Solana’s new functionalities are vital in propelling crypto adoption in the mainstream, introducing billions to blockchain.

how do we introduce a billion people to blockchains?

our answer is simple: we must reach users where they already are—on their favorite apps and websites.

i’m thrilled to introduce the Solana Actions 🎬 and blockchain links (blinks👀) specifications, which are now a part of the…

— jon wong 🤏🏼🌱🧋🎈💳🪙💸🎬👀 (@jnwng) June 25, 2024

Individuals face challenges when interacting with hard-to-use trading platforms and complex wallet software.

With Blinks and Actions, any internet-based application and website can become a distribution stage for cryptocurrency transactions.

Crypto enthusiasts can interact with digital tokens seamlessly, whether when reading online articles, browsing favorite memes, or chatting.

Solana’s new features open cryptocurrency for multiple applications, including on-chain voting, online purchases, and crowdfunding.

Social media users can purchase NFTs, receive money, stake, vote, swap, and tip creators through shared links.

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